Comic-Con 2014 Announcements


Well well well, we are just about a week away from Comic-Con and we have some announcements to make:

1. The release of new Massacre Twins material begins with the exclusive Comic-Con strip signed by members of the MT crew (limited to 666 strips). We will be out & about in both the convention center and Gaslamp District handing them out. They will go fast!

2. Catch MT creator Francis and co-writer Josh at the “How to get Press Coverage” panel Thursday, July 24th, at 11:30 am in Room 8. Hear from a great panel of experts on how to get noticed in the wide world of small and large press.

3. Francis will also be on the “Not so Strange Bedfellows: Comics and Wrestling” panel (moderated by Josh) Saturday, July 26, at 8:30 pm in Room 8. Members of both the wrestling and comics community will come together and discuss the parallels of comic books and pro wrestling.