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IMG_20170717_125228_941Comic-Con is upon us!  Here is where you can catch The Massacre Twins Family during the convention.  Stop by, say hello, & get free stuff.  We’ll see you in San Diego!


Wondercon 2017


Will you be going to Wondercon this weekend in Anaheim?  Awesome!  The come see Massacre Twins creator Francis and co-writer Josh on the “How to Get Press Coverage” panel on Saturday (April 1) at 10 am.  Francis will also be filming on the convention floor for our friends at First Comics News, so come by in your best cosplay and say hello!

Francis’ reviews Star Wars (with a little help)


Recently MT creator Francis sat down with Rick and Bryce from the SSWL Network to discuss and give our thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens on their flagship podcast Some S*it We Like. 


Click on the player below to listen.  Warning- The episode is very SPOILER HEAVY and has a good amount of adult language:


Francis reviews Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Before you head to the theater, check out the review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that MT creator Francis did for our friends at First Comics News. Click here or on the poster above to read the review.

Things have been quiet

Hey there fellow Massamaniacs, Francis here.  Sorry things have been quiet on the MT front, but I can assure you we are still hard at work.  We have some things planned for the year, and they will be revealed at the proper time.  Thank you for your continued support.