Francis and Overwatch

If you have been following our Instagram account (@themassacretwins if you haven’t), you have seen Francis’ love/borderline addiction for Overwatch.  To coincide with the games first anniversary, we have two videos for you to check out.

In this first video he sits down with Mike Masters from the SSWL Network to discuss the game and experiences with the game:

The second is an unboxing of the D.Va Funko Pop:

Wondercon 2017


Will you be going to Wondercon this weekend in Anaheim?  Awesome!  The come see Massacre Twins creator Francis and co-writer Josh on the “How to Get Press Coverage” panel on Saturday (April 1) at 10 am.  Francis will also be filming on the convention floor for our friends at First Comics News, so come by in your best cosplay and say hello!

RIP Carrie Fisher


For many people Princess Leia was the first strong female character they ever saw.  To this day you can still see how much of an impact she made not only with female characters, but with pop culture in general. However, you could never have Princess Leia without Carrie Fisher’s wit, beauty, and charm.  Outside of Star Wars she most likely helped write and rewrite many of the movies you watched through the years. Her legacy will live on in her movies, in pop culture, but most importantly in our hearts. Thank you Carrie. Your are now one with the Force.

New Vlog!

Francis has begun to revive The Massacre Twin vlogs.  As he shakes off the vlog rust he discusses Suicide Squad (and how it brought the vlogs back), “bad movies,” and Crystal Pepsi.

Be sure to subscribe the the official Massacre Twins YouTube channel  to be tuned in for more vlogs as they come in.

Another Wondercon in the books

Hello everyone.  Hopefully those who went to Wondercon this past weekend had a great time.  Now all signs point to San Diego in July for the big one, San Diego Comic-Con!  We hope to see you all there.

Francis did some video reporting of Wondercon for our friends at First Comics News which will be posted soon.  In the meantime, pay a visit a few of our friends old and new (click on the images to visit and support):



2nd shift

mystery babylon

Francis’ reviews Star Wars (with a little help)


Recently MT creator Francis sat down with Rick and Bryce from the SSWL Network to discuss and give our thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens on their flagship podcast Some S*it We Like. 


Click on the player below to listen.  Warning- The episode is very SPOILER HEAVY and has a good amount of adult language: